Privacy policy

Privacy at Box Play Alleato AB (”Alleato”)

Privacy Policy at Alleato

We want you to be safe when using Alleato’s products and services.

Therefore we have compiled this policy were we i.a. describe how we handle your personally identifiable information.

Alleato endavours to offer internet services which do not endanger our customers and visitors personal integrity. Here you can read more about the different parts of our handling of your personal identification information. Alleato works actively to protect its net and services. Alleato has taken several steps to increase security against loss, misuse and change of personal identification information under our control.

Only a few or our employees have access to the information you as our customer have given to us. Alleato has very strict rules for how the employees with access to databasises with user information and the servers producing our services. Alleato’s handling of personal information adheres to what is stated in the personal identification act (Sw personuppgiftslagen SFS 1998:204) and the act of electronic communication (Sw lagen om elektronisk kommunikation SFS 203:389). These laws includes rules aiming to protect private persons and that the personal integrity shall not be violated when personal identification information is handled.

Within Alleato personal information is handled for customers in Sweden given by a customer to Alleato in connection with entering into a service agreement, purchase of service or similar. The information is handled by Alleato in order for Alleato to fulfill agreements and delivery of services, administration and invoicing of these and further that Alleato shall be able to fulfill its commitments pursuant to law.Alleato is responsible for customer information handled by Alleato. Error concerning private persons may be reported to Alleato who shall correct possible errors.

Handling of certain information may also take place with cooperation partners of Alleato in case the such cooperation partners are engaged to fulfill the agreement between a customer and Alleato. In those cases it is a matter of administering Alleato’s or other companies’ products and services on behalf of Alleato.

The information handled is personal identification information stated in contracts, purchase agreements or queries or other contacts with customers. It includes information of name, personal identification number, registered domicile address and invoice address or telephone or subscription number etc. and information concerning questionnaires (against support), claims or similar. This information may be replenished with information from private and public registries, e.g. updating of addresses through SPAR and credit ratings of customers.

\\Advokat\pb\BR\22867Privacy at Box Play Alleato AB.doc\12/2/2014 The personal information is used by Alleato as a basis for administration of obligations towards customers, and analysises in the business and development of services. The personal information may for such purpose be made available to other companies cooperating with Alleato.

Private persons have also the right without cost once per calendar year to receive information on all the personal information Alleato is handling about that person. Request for such record shall be made in writing and be personally signed by the applicant and include information of name and personal identification number.Alleato may change this information without notice. A new version come into force when its made available on our homepage information is governed by Swedish law.