The history of Alleato

Not many know about our history, but our journey started within a Ericsson project back in the late 90th, in which they aimed to find new solutions and services to run on the copper based network infrastructure. And as one result, the company Alleato was formed together with Danderyds Hospital, a insurance company called Scandia life and Ericsson, aiming to develop and sell remote care solutions, among many other things.

But after spending millions in research and software development, Ericsson changed its strategy and decided to focus on core business, and a decision was made to sell what was inside the new business unit to Box Play AB.

2004 Box Play Alleato AB was formed and since then we been a leading entity in developing software and solutions for remote medical monitoring, digital care and e-health solutions. And i think it is fair to say that we been educating the Scandinavian Care Segment in the values of digitalization.

Large international companies like TELIA and Secure Meters have used our software platform (Alleato Automation) to build their services, products and offerings, and we have installed and evaluated hundreds of systems in both a home environments, as well as in care, assisted living, special needs and hospital environments, and we been a highly valuable part of many medical research programs and projects, both inside and outside of Scandinavia.

We have learnt the necessity of communicating with people and things in a secure, safe and user friendly way, and our unique box software have enabled us to make sure that things work even when the internet goes down, which is a must dealing with people with needs and solutions were uptime is critical.

Today we are a team of 15 people and we are expanding in Europe and in US, where we have a patent for this type of application and use. For additional information: